Three weeks ago, we announced that CKUD could not take place due to the pandemic.

We found ourselves in a precarious situation and we opened a three-week window to process returns of CKUD tickets. It’s been weeks of a lot of work that have left us very worn out. Processing returns, dealing with airlines, insurance, backlines, re-scheduling some bands etc etc… has been EXHAUSTING.

However, on the other hand, we have felt the love of many people we know (and from other we dont know) who have helped us to get through. As much as we write, we cannot express how extremely grateful we are. We came out of this weak but somehow, we feel unstoppable. We are already rescheduling for a new CKUD weekend, we are going to release 2 bands from Barcelona and we will be putting some local shows and if everything goes well, we will have some bands on tour very soon.

We can’t wait to meet everyone. It’s been a while.
See you very soon.