CKUD WEEKEND 2023 // 27&28 ENERO // 27th & 28th JANUARY – BARCELONA

Hola! Aqui esta el cartel de CKUD, con las bandas que tocan cada dia del fin de semana. En el siguiente link, tenéis las entradas para el festival (tan de 1 día, como de todo el fin de semana) ----> TICKETS Nos vemos en unas semanas! *** Hey! Here its the CKUD 2023 line up, including who plays Friday & Saturday. In this link, you can grab your tickets (1 day ticket or weekend Ticket) ----> TICKETS See you in a few weeks!  



    Can’t Keep Us Down (CKUD) was born from DIY, with more than 10 years of experience, with the intention of invigorating musical activities within the field of Hardcore / Punk (recordings, tours, festival, vinyl editions, etc. .) in the city of Barcelona (and its surroundings) mainly from a social perspective, at affordable prices, breaking down economic barriers that an activity of this type in the music “industry” can entail.

    Beyond the musician aspect, all our activities, we place special emphasis on highlighting the ethical values ​​that we have acquired over the years: veganism, responsible consumption (generating an alternative of leisure without the need to be linked to the consumption of alcohol and drugs) , betting on a proximity production (merchandise, vinyl pressing, recording studios, spaces where to carry out activities, etc …)

    One of the high points of CKUD is the annual Festival (in January / February) where we apply the criteria mentioned above, betting on a wide variety of local, national, European and other bands. In addition, activities (not musical) are generated each year such as the vegan fair, talks / colloquia with the intention of creating appropriate contexts for the creation of new projects. In short, create links between people. In 2021, it is the chosen year, to capture new projects that will see the light little by little.

    Can’t Keep Us Down brings together 3 different projects, each one with its own nuances, which in some way bring their activity under criteria compatible with the CKUD way of doing things.

    They are projects carried out with enthusiasm and commitment by people who have always done their bit to help with the festival, and with all the activities in which CKUD participates throughout the year.