What nobody wanted, but we were assuming it was going to happen.

So, yeah · Can’t Keep Us Down 2022 · is cancelled due to the restrictions established by the administration. After more than a month of uncertainty, they release they confirm all work and preparations (almost a full year) is going to turn into dust (this affects to CKUD but many others aswell, bands, collectives, bookings, venues, clubs, social center, squats, etc etc…)

Emotionally, this is a bit toll, many hours of hard work deciding the line up, calculating logistics, catering for the bands, providing food for 400 people during 2 nights, booking flights, backlines and stage, sound logistics, contacting bands, arranging sleeping places, adapting everything for covid protocole and last but not least important; putting together a cool fest with a reduction of the 30% capacity (which means a 40% less of the active budget) and countless things…

Anyway, this is reality, this year we will not enjoy CKUD as we were expecting.

Besides the emotional slap (which make us feel very low at the moment), we are facing an economic loss quite significant, leaving CKUD on the thin line for the future.

For all the explained above, we have enable several options as: donate your ticket or exchange your ticket for a tshirt + tote bag pack that you can find at the following link:

We do not like to drawing on to this, but situation is very serious and we do not see other way to alleviate the consequences caused by the COVID pandemic.

Of course, you can also get the refund of your ticket (15 days avalaible to do it from now), you will find this option together with the rest on the link above.
(Everyone who purcharsed a ticket will get an email from us, but it will take us a bit to reach everybody, appreciated your understanding)

Thanks very much to everyone of you!

P.D.: CKUD will be happening at the end of May. Details in a few weeks.